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Let Loose

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

So I've been getting into the whole 'minimalism' thing again, after a stint of taking my foot off the pedal, as it were. I've been re-inspired by two people who I'd recommend: The Minimal Mom (her real name is Dawn) and Joshua Becker. The essence of what they say is that having less stuff means you have more time to spend with your kids and you don't have to spend as much time cleaning. Good news on both fronts. So anyway... I was inspired to see how 'Minimal Mom' has four kids and manages to live in a small(ish) house and has really pared her stuff down to just the bare minimum, so she can whizz around at the end of the day with a rag or two and get her house in order. Can you imagine?

They both talk about how kids do better with fewer toys, because it forces them to use their imaginations. On this theme, I have a lot to say. Only this morning and yesterday I got further proof that kids will ignore whatever toys are in their vicinity and pull things from around them to create a makeshift world. Today, Grace took all the cushions off the sofas to build two areas of trees: one woodland, and the other a forest, apparently. The kind wolves lived in one bit and the unkind wolves lived in the other. She even made me a bed to repose on, brought me wooden 'donuts' and Isaac had great fun just walking up and down the cushions, balancing and whooshing down with great delight.

Yesterday it was building trains with books and towels. Grace laid a towel down which Isaac used as his 'nee na' (ambulance, of course) and then lined books up to make a train, which Isaac walked along. She also upturned a stool and they both sat on it, as though it were a horse/unicorn/bicycle (sorry, she has just informed me it was a CAR). The fun is never-ending, when they are simply let loose with their imaginative minds. 

So I'm inspired again and have been filling yet more bags and boxes with things to donate, including clothes which I have held onto since I was 23 - 14 years ago! - and have accepted that I probably won't wear now, since they are distinctly English-teacher-looking-attire and belong to an old life. 


I'll update you on my progress, but I can tell you this: it feels good to be freeing my house of some of its unnecessary contents...

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