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About me

Hi! I'm Hannah

I'm new to the world of websites and making videos, but hoping to help people out there who are overwhelmed with the task of running a home, the way I've been helped by others! My main theme is homemaking - and all that goes with it - but some other things might also come along and get included. Who knows. 

I've been married for five years now (wedding anniversary tomorrow, in fact!) and we have two young children, aged 2 and 4. A girl and a boy. The girl came first and she knows it.

To start with, I'll share the things I've learned from people on Youtube and to pass on some of the wisdom from the inspirational women (yes, they are all women so far!) and show how their tips have worked for me. Then, I might even share some of my own ideas... we'll see.


Thanks for submitting!

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