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A Poem for you, Jonny

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Existential crises we shared

As well as our love of MacBook Airs

2006 was the year we all met

Busking and banter I'll never forget.

You and Mels were a talented dynamo

And I more than a spectator;

I was part of the show

Lugging cables and amps,

on Briggate, and in York,

Guarding guitar case and money,

On the side, for laughs & mic talk

I'd sometimes fetch coffee

(Starbucks, of course )

I think it was always a large,

Usually an extra shot , for full force

Think they knew you by name

In that one on the corner

I remember waiting for the cup with 'J' on , in green pen - a regular order.

The songs that stand out?

'Mr Brightside' and 'Fast Car'

And of course,

at the end of the night,

Buckley's Hallelujah

I remember the time you showed

us that thing

That allowed you to repeat the riff

with a push of your foot ,

'ding ding'!

We laughed at the time and called it a 'cheat'

But we liked it and applauded

The trick of your feet.

But above the songs and the banter the music and (later) parties

I remember most of all the chats and

the swapping of our stories

I miss you Jonny

I miss that chapter in our lives

A 'beautiful chapter' , as Mikey said,


inerasable as the skies.

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