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Dead Flowers and Other Such Things

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Well, it's been so long since I've written my blog I don't quite know where to start. In my last post I mentioned the Clutterbug bug that I had, how I was getting a buzz from re-organising my things in a rather beautiful and (here's the revelation for me) functional and convenient way. Since I last wrote I've rearranged my wardrobe, added some spice (the metaphorical kind) to my pantry and done a bit of the back room. I've also been dipping into Marie Kondo's Spark Joy for a bit of needed inspiration on folding. 

I have had some peaks and troughs, though, I'll be honest. There've been days where I've thought 'why am I doing all this? Will it really make any difference?'. But then I might see something or do something that gives me a bit more mojo to continue. Got an Ikea delivery coming on Wednesday and that might reinvigorate me. Or send me under. We'll see. It involves a pegboard. 

In other news, it was Isaac's birthday yesterday. His first. I managed to bake the cake for it this time, even if it did sink in the middle. It even had a candle. Needless to say, Grace blew it out, as well as unwrapped all his presents. She woke up asking if it was Isaac's birthday and I said 'Yes, do you think he'll enjoy opening his presents?' To which I got the response 'No Mummy, Isaac can't open presents; he's just a little baby.' I get comments like that a lot. I'm often standing corrected in my own home.

Anyway, Isaac's family party was something of a success, in that everyone seemed happy, he enjoyed his presents and there was (just about) enough pizza and cake. This morning, when playing with Isaac's 'garage', I showed Grace how to 'wash' the car with the petrol pump. Sleep deprivation? Anyway, I told her my mistake and said it was the petrol nozzle actually, not used for washing cars. She first informed me where to put the nozzle, based on Daddy Pig's expertise. Then she added; 'Mummy, you've just washed the car in petrol. That's naughty.' Naughty is her new favourite word. She loves to tell me that everyone around her is 'naughty', especially Daddy and Isaac. I wish I hadn't introduced her to the word.

In the meantime, Isaac is taking great pleasure in biting people's noses. Whenever he is in reach of my face, he pushes his mouth towards mine and insists on putting his teeth around my nose. He takes such great delight in this I feel like it would be churlish to refuse him. When he brings his teeth away, he looks around him with such a grin on his face it would warm the coldest of hearts. He is gorgeous and every day with him just gets more fun. Wow, he can shout though. 

Another favourite activity of Isaac's is to put his finger in someone's belly button. Luckily he doesn't do this in public, to passing strangers, and has kept it to the confines of the domestic sphere. But this is a great activity because it keeps Gracie occupied too. The other day, she pulled up her vest in the kitchen to let him prod her in the belly button and utter hilarity ensued. Why buy the toys?

Gracie's phrase/s for the day/week:

'Mummy I've been doing so much this morning. I've cleaned all the windows, done tidying, done folding with Peter Rabbit and made a den.' (I think she was angling for a sweet)

(Me): 'The biscuit's on the dashboard, Gracie. It's waiting for you.'

(G): 'It's not waiting for me, Mummy. Biscuits can't wait.'


'I do pick flowers for you in Grandma's garden. But the other day I chose a dead flower for you, Mummy.' Wow.

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