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An Interesting Phenomenon

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Went to the park today and I noticed an interesting phenomenon. When we arrived, T2 (or 'Team 2, as Gracie calls him) wanted to go straight to the playground, naturally. But felt like I needed some space for my soul to breathe and so I wanted to be on the grass. Especially since I spent the day before yesterday at Styal Quarry Bank and just loved being outside and free. Anyway, after some moping, T2 finally came and joined us and much fun was had by all, simply running up and down the grass and doing the occasional 'tag.' 

After a while, a big Alsation came along and I wasn't sure how comfortable I was with the Tinies running around near this large, unleashed dog, so we went to the playground, the communal area of toys, as Joshua Becker calls it. And an immediate change came over both children: more vying for my attention, more whining and even more squabbling. These weren't even toys they could 'possess', but it seemed as soon as we were near matterof any kind, their neediness and discontent increased. Give them grass and air and they were fine, but a slide, roundabout and swings and they were in competition with each other. Same in the garden. It's amazing what they will find to be territorial about - 'I had that first', 'he's not letting me have a turn', 'I want it' and so on. I've a good mind to take the scooter, bikes and plastic lawn mower out of there and leave them with leaves and, sadly, astro turf. Wish we had some real grass, but that's for the next house. 

So anyway, I'm moving on with this minimalism thing. Yesterday I managed to clear out one of the top bedrooms (that makes it sound like we have a lot, but we actually have 3, so not too many, not too few). And it feels great. Will enclose a pic with this post when I get the chance. Now I have a room I can go into and feel the sense of calm and thinking space that comes with a decluttered area. It's true what the 'Minimal Mom' says: when we get rid of our stuff, we create capacity, for ourselves. She has four kids, so she should know!

And at the park today, it suddenly felt 'easy' to have two kids and I thought... hmmm... maybe it's time for another one. Ha ha ha.

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