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Self-Confinement Continued

Well, I'm not quite sure what to say during this time of self-confinement, when almost the entire world is on lockdown. As a friend said the other day, how strange that the word has suddenly become part of our daily vernacular.

What are we all doing to stay sane? I think we're grazing more than ever, for a start. From the look of it, some people have also taken to outdoor jogging, possibly to cancel out said grazing. Something called Cosmic Yoga seems to have take off, too, and people our having 'house parties' with friends on their phone, thanks to the House Party App. I have a friend who is even writing letters to her mum, who has no telephone - mobile or landline.

As for me, I find myself doing a lot of the usual. I still have my photocopied list of daily tasks, which I attempt to diligently tick off. I watch the same Youtubers and try and follow the tips they give me for surviving Lockdown, which are not unlike those needed for surviving a newborn and its inherent the isolation and claustrophobia. And constant grazing.

Endless cups of tea also seem to be part of my almost-new routine. I honestly don't know quite what else to do. I get past about an hour (on a good day) and then go past the kettle and ... it gives me a little boost to think about another cup of tea. The Digestives inevitably come out to join in, but I don't particularly enjoy them. Just wish they had a bit more oomph to them, if you know what I mean. Michael didn't buy any chocolate because he said we would just get fat and I suppose he applied that logic to the biscuits because there are no chocolate-covered ones - only Digestives - so they will have to do.

I write this on a very warm day in April - Wednesday the 6th, to be exact. I was expecting sunshine yesterday but today was even hotter. So I've tried to spend most of it in the garden (though I found myself rather inexplicably cooking a lasagna and overheating near the oven this afternoon; I think it was because we didn't really have any other culinary choices). I wore a shirt and black leggings because, much like during the newborn season, none of my clothes seem to fit me anymore. It seems almost tragic that I finally bought myself a pair of good quality and rather expensive jeans recently and now the zip doesn't stay up for long. I had just resolved to do a load of exercise classes at the gym, but that was obviously derailed.

Anyway, back to the leggings. Forgot how warm black leggings get on a warm day and so have realised I need to switch to a Spring wardrobe. It's strange in England that the seasons suddenly catch up with you and the clothes you have are abruptly inappropriately hot or cold. Before you know it, you need to swap them over. But would it be prudent to put my coat away just yet, given that it's not unknown to snow in March and be wet and cold all of April? If any of you have tips for changing clothes for the Season, please do let me know. I always find that by the time I get around to doing it, it's nearly the end of the season - especially if it involves buying a new item.

Listening to Brideshead Revisited at the moment. Revisiting it, rather. But, while I enjoy it, I think I have to admit defeat and realise that now is Not the Time. I think I need something with a bit more ... levity. I might have a go at The Art of Making Memories. Something more uplifting. I wonder if the book which Audible recommends me, The No Spends Year, will get many buyers at the moment. We've all been somewhat catapulted into a no spends year so I don't think we need the literature on it. I had been tempted.

Okay, going to sign off now. Have felt a distinct lack of mojo today and wasn't sure whether I'd get this blog done. I've been off the blogging scene for quite a while (been dabbling with YouTube videos and a possible career therein...), but I have to say thatI've really enjoyed writing this! Writing Revisited, hey!

See you soon.

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