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Overdid it, Underdone it

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Totally overdid it yesterday. Ended up frazzled and falling asleep in my clothes around 8ish. The day began stretching before me and I was scared of its emptiness... especially since I was feeling low. So I got myself out to do errands, took a little trip to Lakeland for some storage bags and then dawdled there because I had to find something for £5 in order to spend enough to claim my £5 voucher... then called my lovely sister-in-law for some company.

Far better that than to have spent the day alone and miserable. And yet, I found, I had got myself frazzled. It always seems to be one step forward and one step backwards in the Land of Motherdom.

Today, in contrast, I underdid it. I slept in, didn't shower till after 10 (not the most productive feeling) and finally hauled us all out of the house by about 11.30, at which point the alarm in my phone buzzed to tell me it was nearly the end of 'outing block' (a habit which I have learned from Jordan Page on YouTube is to order my day in blocks and have alarms going off at the end of each block and 20 minutes before the end of each block too. I can manage the latter, but two alarms every few hours is too much for me). Anyway, we got out. 

It's funny, this 'balance' thing. It seems so hard to achieve. The trick that the day plays on you is that it poses as an empty day, stretching out before you and it can make you panic that it's too long. You have an urge to 'kill the hours' somehow. But then the reality is that the time is actually rarely enough to get the jobs done that you have ongoing and also that the kids fill up your time v-e-r-y easily. A story here, a bit of a jigsaw there (on an extremely good day) and p o o f  ... the day has ended.

Yesterday I had also booked in two classes at David Lloyd, so around 4.45 I whizzed off there and crammed them in. Grace was so tired that she actually fell asleep on the floor of the hall where Multisports was conducted. I found her by the wall in a heap, breathing heavily. The plan was that she would fall asleep in the car on the way home and thus eliminate the need for a long-drawn out bedtime routine. Still, the best laid plans...

We are there again tonight, just 5 till 6, for 'Let's Create'. We'll see what happens...

Meanwhile, I am trying to get back into some of my established routines after holiday. It takes so long to get back into. But I'm determined to crack this routine thing and become an automaton. 

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