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Ommwriter Calm

Updated: May 10, 2020

12th August, 2018

I've just downloaded this writing app on my laptop and I already like it. My goodness, it's so calm. And Heaven knows I need as much Calm in my life as possible. It's called Ommwriter and I read about it in a brilliant book called, simply, 'Rest', with the subtitle 'Why you get more done when you do less'. Anyway, it was right up my street. So as I'm typing this -possibly the replacement for Open Office for writing my blog drafts -  I can just see a very calm mountainous scene, with nothing but the words I'm writing, accompanied by some calming jazz-type music. It is lovely!I heartily recommend it, I do. For all of you who, like me, hate Word and all the fancy and complicated, mind-boggling tools that it's adorned with.... this might be just the forum for your writing.

Jen Fulwiler (my latest heroine) recommends 'journaling',as they say in America. So you might not yet be a blogger, but you might be a 'journaler' and want to write with limited distractions. Oh, and it clicks as you type, the way that a typewriter does.  A perfect blend of modern and nostalgia.

And it's almost free, too. You just have to go on and it's there for a minimum of around 6 euros or you can enter a donation for whatever you choose and think it might be worth. 

Okay, now I'm going to see if I can copy and paste the above and put it into Here goes...

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