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Eastertide Chocolate

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Well, I seem to have forgotten all about my Type II diabetes result because I am fully back on the Chocolate Wagon. I can't seem to get enough. Rather than a cup of tea feeling like a necessary accomplice to a piece of chocolate, chocolate is now feeling that for the (regular) cup of tea. 

It seems to be worst at night. I browse the house looking for hidden chocolate eggs, knowing that surely it's better for me to eat them than the children? I find myself breaking into one Cadbury's Easter egg, then drifting over to finish the mini eggs in the cup on the shelf (Grace won't remember they were there, surely) and then finishing off with a few, individually-wrapped small Kinder eggs. The interesting thing is that, as well as leaving me feeling rather sick and 'alert' before bedtime, it also means I wake up the next morning with a massive craving for chocolate. More than the adding of a bit of dark chocolate to the porridge, this craving is more for an entire Easter egg before I've even had my daily and very necessary cup of tea. As I type this I am actually finishing off the last of Isaac's Cadbury's egg (he's far too young for chocolate, surely?). Do I feel guilty? I wish I did. 

And I'm not the only one in the house experiencing this addiction. This morning Isaac shuffled a chair across the kitchen. I thought it was just his usual love of rearranging the room, but I soon came to realise that he was using it to raise himself up to kitchen-unit height, where lay a small plate with the (very minute) remnants of an Oreo egg. Yes, it was his Oreo egg. Yes, I had eaten it. Come on, I had given him a bit. And as I type this he has climbed onto the bed and is attempting to eat the wrapper from the demolished egg. He recognises the hue of Cadbury's purple. I suppose he feels the wrapper is his last resort, since he has a mother who eats all his chocolate.

On other Issac antics, I walked into my bedroom today to find him sitting naked in a small frying pan. Don't ask. I'd brought the pan up earlier as he'd decided to use it as a toy and I'd just left the room to go and get him a replacement nappy after said change, when... well, that's what he'd decided to do with it. 

Okay, signing off now. Going to go and collect Grace.

Gracie's latest words: 'Mummy, I love walking. But I don't exactly love running.' A daughter after my own heart.

Later that day:

'Daddy I haven't had any eggs today.'

'You just told me you had two'

'Yes, but only in the evening'

I know how she feels...

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