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Gracie's Chattering

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

30th August, 2018

I love listening to Gracie's 'chattering'. Like St Francis, she chatters away to the 'animals' (stuffed) a lot. The other day (or was it yesterday? the days blur into one), I was in the kitchen thinking how lovely it was to hear her little voice talking away to her soft toys. I often hear things I've said being repeated... 'it's okay little one, it's time to go to sleep now.'  I always thought it was a special stage to enter into, as soon as Gracie started talking and entering her imaginary world.

Over the last few weeks it has reached another little level, which I've enjoyed very much in the evenings, when I'm getting (or rather, attempting to get) Isaac to sleep, or at least give him a full tummy. Gracie has started reading her books to the likes of bear, 'starry bear', rabbit and the inevitable Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She's begun to memorise some pages, especially when they have a catchy rhyme, like in 'Oi Cat' (a great book if you're ever wondering what to go for in the book shop). I had a little moment of delight, too, when I caught Grace chattering away to Isaac when I was in the kitchen - getting some precious moments of peace and quiet to do domestic chores - and I went in to see she was teaching Isaac his numbers.

Whether or not he was a good pupil, I cannot say. As I type this, he is playing with the plug extension, one of his favourite 'off-limit' items. The speed at which he can gravitate towards a wire or plug socket is quite astonishing. So I'm not sure if learning numbers 1-10 is high up on his priority list just yet. But I'm sure it's somewhere on Grace's, as she certainly likes to be boss and probably has a bit of The Teacher in her blood. Davies genes. 

Anyway, I have to cherish these little moments. Everyone tells me how much the time flies and I'm sure next January, when Gracie starts with some of her 15 hours in nursery, I'll miss that chattering and feel like it was only 5 minutes ago since I wrote this. 

Hard to stay in the present moment most days, though, when it feels like there is always a piece of clothing to be folded or a stain to be removed from the floor. But I must remember and, as it says in my bright pink 'New Mum Diary' (which I almost never write in) 'fight to stay in the present moment.' For surely, that's one of the reasons I have chosen to stay at home. 

I'm sure, before I know it, Grace will be off to university or campaigning to be Prime Minister.  Gracie's current phrase: 'Mummy I've been giggling and giggling so hard I need to go to the toilet' (she says, in situ)

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